Building EQUITY VALUE IN Modern B2B Businesses

Top Down and Bottom Up



Does your business turn over £8m to £14m? Are you consistently profitable? Does it still take a lot of effort?

You are successfully running a high end ‘lifestyle’ business. Are you now ready to build equity value and take your business to the next level?

Do you need your business to shift gears, the management team to step up, to find a different path to growth?

Are you running a business and facing some tough choices?

Are you looking for ways to get to the ‘next level’ – breakthrough revenue growth, transformative funding, and/or renewed energy.

Are you wary of quick fixes? Seeking practical, thoughtful and effective counsel to plot a new course. That could be to change the way the business is run; it might be to effectively pivot into new ways of serving customers; it might be looking at a complete re-positioning of the business to take advantage of the massive changes in acceptance of technology to support new ways of working.

 Do you need clear, cogent, feedback – a strategic sounding board?

To create equity value, we understand the mathematics of business: from team sizes, efficiency ratios to the number of touchpoints required to create client loyalty. 

What we do best is get businesses ready for transformational funding events: succession, investment, growth, exit. We do that across brand (the entire revenue system), talent management, risk controls and due diligence preparation and re-setting executive cadence. 

Even if you don’t have such an event in mind, the discipline of preparing to maximise the value of your business delivers untold benefits to revenue growth, profitability and job satisfaction.

What we Do

How We Help Your Business


We bring best practice to bear to ensure that your business has the necessary capability, tools and resources to reach its vision.


We support your decision-making process. We listen, identify the context and work with you to achieve transformative progress.


When asked, we roll our sleeves up and get ‘stuff’ done. Sometimes there is no substitute for well-directed action.

Whichever way you choose to benefit from our expertise, we know we will leave you confident in your choices, reinvigorated with new possibilities and calmly ready to access the next level of performance

My Message to You

About Us

I set up Westcliff to work with owners of profitable ‘lifestyle’ businesses  turning over £8-£14m revenue to build equity value, for growth, succession, investment purposes.

Valuable businesses need to build an investable business model around the core product. They need to demonstrate a clear grip of the maths of the business (revenue model, team sizes and rate of build, pace of internationalisation) married to a well-articulated brand built on shared values.

So what I do best is help executive teams approach with confidence their next transformational event – whether that is a ‘deal’, a strategic shift, a funding round, exit or listing. I typically work with trusted associates and have access to a powerful network of additional resources.

I look forward to joining your team and helping you get your business to the next level.

Our Services

We build EQUITY VALUE IN modern B2B businesses:
top down and bottom up.


We prepare growing businesses for transformational funding – growth capital, change of ownership, exit


We help with opening up channel partnerships and supply chain expertise using our extensive networks

Strategic Change

Identifying and addressing gaps in the skills or capability of executive management teams to enable them to drive strategic change.

Demonstrable track record of directly contributing to the growth of mid-tier businesses across multiple industries to achieve and exceed business expectations.
Insight, information and perspective

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“I make things happen for high powered people, unlocking transformational value.” Roderick Cameron, CEO and Founder of Westcliff Strategic

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